Spring is in the air and gossip is on the lips of everyone this week. Here is JERK’s recap of what you may have missed: Sunday 3/25 - Former Vice President and shooting ace Dick Cheney underwent a full heart transplant this

By Lauryn Botterman Sadly, it’s time for a refresher course in basic etiquette. Don’t ever get caught breaking one of these rules. Classy is the way to go. Hold the Door I’m walking two paces behind you and you don’t have the courtesy

By Julia Fuino If asked what your type is, without hesitation, you’d be able to name several of the most desired qualities in another person—cute, funny, smart. But there are also qualities you do not want. Through the several breakups I’ve

By Lauryn Botterman “So where are you from?” Seems like a harmless question at first, but really it’s just a vaguely disguised excuse for people to judge you based on sweeping generalizations of your hometown/region. Case in point: take a look at