Jerk magazine is a student-run monthly publication at Syracuse University. In our efforts to “jerk” people out of their apathy, we have created a distinctive voice that is passionate and uncompromising, coupled with the visually arresting work of student artists.

Mission Statement
Jerk Magazine is a monthly publication, for and by Syracuse University students, that works to confront controversial political and social issues, provides a platform for alternative opinion, and supports local endeavors in music and art. Jerk aims to increase student knowledge and activism, diversify campus dialogue and encourage a relationship between the reader and their community.

We have identified four goals for our magazine:

1. Foster the local music and arts scene.
2. Address larger themes and issues that affect SU students.
3. Address local, state, national, and world politics and issues that breed controversy and keep our reader informed of them.
4. Provide a platform for well-formed opinion

Through its content, Jerk is dedicated to enhancing insight through communication by providing an informal platform for the freedom of expression. The writing contained within this publication and on our website,, expresses the opinions of the individual writers. The ideas presented in this publication do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Jerk Editorial Board. Furthermore, Jerk will not be held responsible for the individual opinions expressed within.

You can contact the Jerk editorial team via email at and the digital team at Submissions, suggestions and opinions are welcomed and may be reprinted without contacting the writer. Jerk reserves the right to edit or refuse submissions at the discretion of its editors.

Jerk Magazine is published monthly during the Syracuse University academic year. All contents of the publication are copyright 2015 by their respective creators. No content may be reproduced without the expressed written consent of the Jerk Editorial Board.