Jerk magazine is the premiere student-run monthly publication at Syracuse University. The first of its kind, Jerk has set an unparalleled standard for campus magazines. In our efforts to “jerk” people out of their apathy, we have created a distinctive voice that is passionate and uncompromising, coupled with the visually arresting work of student artists.

In each issue, Jerk confronts controversial political and social issues that affect the student body and the community that they live and work in. In support of the greater-Syracuse subculture, we provide a platform for alternative opinion and support local endeavors in music and the arts. Jerk aims to increase student knowledge and activism, diversify campus dialogue, and encourage a relationship between SU students and the Syracuse community. Through this fresh editorial and artistic style, we have broken away from the typical material found elsewhere and produced award-winning content that brings the media at Syracuse University to new heights.