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Spring Awakening

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The four friends discuss childhood abuse and growing up.
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Ilsa, the outcast, was kicked out of her house. Vendla fears for her other friend Martha.
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Martha, sings about her abusive father.
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Vendla wants to feel her friend's pain, and asks Malchior to beat her.
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Nothing like rocking out when you're angry.
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Malchior is ashamed of beating Vendla.
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Vendla consoles her soon to be lover.
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The two enjoy a pasionate kiss, before Vendla pulls away and gets scared.
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The story takes a sad turn... teenage suicide...
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The two boys share an intimate moment and kiss.
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Vendla wearing her favorite kindergarten dress.
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Is he gonna do it?
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Happily ever after.
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My Junk is You 😉
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"Yes, Professor Knuppledick?"
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Haunchen has some private time with Desdemona.
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Taking a motorboat ride.
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Vendla visits the mountain top.
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