By Samantha Schoen TOP TRACK: "ANTHEM" BOTTOM TRACK: "HALE-BOPP WAS THE BEDOUINS" Produced in his small South Philly workspace, emcee/producer Lushlife’s latest LP Plateau Vision was conceived as a "contemplative hip-hop" album. Adhering to no particular genre, Lushlife throws boundaries out the door

By Sarah Schuster | Photo by Penelope Vasquez MEMBERS: Tucker Dhalke: bass, vocals; Phil Grajko: guitar, vocals; Josh Williams: drums, vocals ACTIVE SINCE: 2008 SOUND: Bongo-heavy acoustic reggae, and never without a catchy rhythm. Joy Telepathy Project is all about the good vibes. SOUNDS

  By Samantha Schoen 3 1/2 Nancies TOP TRACK: "RADIO" BOTTOM TRACK: "SWEET DEE" Yukon Blonde’s TigerTalk pulses with kicking drums, electric riffs, bold bass, and harmonious vocals. Channeling the sounds of the 60s and 70s, the Vancouver natives’ 10-track sophomore album is filled with

By Paul Esposito 2.5 Nancies TOP TRACK: "ARIZONA STATE OF MIND" BOTTOM TRACK: "GOLDENEYE" At the risk of stating the obvious: Jay Foss is a college rapper. Unsurprisingly, ThisIsGenius is about college life and the problems of being a minority marijuana lover at an

By Annie Licata 4 1/2 Nancies Top Track: "Danse Carribe" Bottom Track: "Give It Away" “Here we go mistaking clouds for mountains,” sings Andrew Bird over the twang of a banjo. Bird, a violinist since age four, plays a slew of instruments on Break