By Walker Kampf-Lassin TOP TRACK: "SIX WEEKS" BOTTOM TRACK: "FROM FINNER In 2012, it’s hard for bands like Of Monsters and Men to achieve the recognition they deserve. Indie’s current obsession with electronic goth pop, along with its awkward. Yet unrelenting embrace of

By Samantha Schoen TOP TRACK: "ANTHEM" BOTTOM TRACK: "HALE-BOPP WAS THE BEDOUINS" Produced in his small South Philly workspace, emcee/producer Lushlife’s latest LP Plateau Vision was conceived as a "contemplative hip-hop" album. Adhering to no particular genre, Lushlife throws boundaries out the door

By Sarah Schuster | Photo by Penelope Vasquez MEMBERS: Tucker Dhalke: bass, vocals; Phil Grajko: guitar, vocals; Josh Williams: drums, vocals ACTIVE SINCE: 2008 SOUND: Bongo-heavy acoustic reggae, and never without a catchy rhythm. Joy Telepathy Project is all about the good vibes. SOUNDS

  By Samantha Schoen 3 1/2 Nancies TOP TRACK: "RADIO" BOTTOM TRACK: "SWEET DEE" Yukon Blonde’s TigerTalk pulses with kicking drums, electric riffs, bold bass, and harmonious vocals. Channeling the sounds of the 60s and 70s, the Vancouver natives’ 10-track sophomore album is filled with

By Paul Esposito 2.5 Nancies TOP TRACK: "ARIZONA STATE OF MIND" BOTTOM TRACK: "GOLDENEYE" At the risk of stating the obvious: Jay Foss is a college rapper. Unsurprisingly, ThisIsGenius is about college life and the problems of being a minority marijuana lover at an

By Annie Licata 4 1/2 Nancies Top Track: "Danse Carribe" Bottom Track: "Give It Away" “Here we go mistaking clouds for mountains,” sings Andrew Bird over the twang of a banjo. Bird, a violinist since age four, plays a slew of instruments on Break