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In honor of Earth Day, we’re offering up some easy suggestions for loving the planet while also loving our bodies (and no, we’re not talking about composting our shit). You’re actually doing the planet a favor by having sex on Earth Day because: (1) Sex doesn’t increase your carbon footprint. (2) You can still “eat meat” without using up the Earth’s energy. (3) No shaving is necessary. Au natural is hot.

Case in point: Earth Day Sex.

But Earth Day calls for an extra something-something. Here are our top tips for making sex hotter – while still staying green.


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1) Use environmentally conscious toys. Look for toys that are rechargeable, made from recycled packing, and made without phthalates, which are substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility and durability. Many adult websites are jumping on the green train.

Babeland offers an “Eco-Sexy Kit” complete with a solar-powered vibrator and vegan lube.

Until midnight tonight, We-Vibe – which are manufacturers of a rechargeable couple’s vibe – will donate $5 to the credit program for each person who follows them on Twitter (@Ms_WeVibe) and fans them on Facebook.

2) Switch to organic lube. Choose a lubricant with naturally derived ingredients, and make sure they are glycerine-free and paraben-free. Glycerine, a type of sugar, is what makes lubes “sticky” and can even cause yeast infections. Keep in mind that some lubes, like petroleum jelly, have fossil fuels as bases.

Instead, try Hydra Water Based Lubricant. It’s enhanced with aloe, uses all-natural, vegan ingredients, and is condom-friendly.

3) Think twice about your porn habits. I don’t know who actually buys adult DVDs anymore, but if you do, I have a suggestion for you: don’t. With the vast variety of free smut online, it doesn’t make sense to buy it when it’s housed in bulky, plastic cases.

The FleshDrive: a 4GB USB drive that comes pre-loaded with adult movies. It’s discrete enough to carry everywhere, while it simultaneously cuts down on plastic packaging.

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Download free erotic lit for the sensitive “I-pretend-to-be-nerdy-but-I-actually-like-soft-core-porn” types.

If you’re feeling experimental, check out this porn site dedicated to naked vegetarians that urges viewers to “eat pussy, not pork.”

However, if you’re still waiting on a carbon-neutral version of youPorn, don’t hold your breath.

4) Ditch the Trojans, but not the latex: babies are not eco-friendly. Some condom companies are switching to “fair trade” body-friendly rubber for their latex condoms. The trade-off? They’re expensive, so if your budget can only manage the free Lifestyles from the health center, offset your carbon input by not flushing them down the toilet. They’ll turn up in the sewage system and be reduced to toxic sludge. Gross.

Alternatively, take a cue China and recycle your latex as hairbands. Maybe Ke$ha can bring the trend to America.

Now that you’re prepared, go ahead and ask out that crazy, hemp-wearing, dreadlocked kid from your ESF class. Want more ways green up your sex life? Check out this book – but wait until you can get it from the library.

Your sex plans for Earth Day? Let us know by commenting below.

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