HBO Now Halloween Party @ Chuck’s

Courtesy of HBO Now

Courtesy of HBO

Rather than spending Saturday Night of Halloween bopping around to house parties on Euclid or trying to snatch a wristband to an open Frat party, why not change it up this time around? Chuck’s is hosting the ultimate Halloween bash on the spookiest night of the year. HBO is taking over Chuck’s– yes, you read that right.

Don’t think for a second this will be your typical Saturday night at Chuck’s…. HBO announced that the legit Iron Throne from Game of Thrones will be there for Jon Snow fans to take a picture on. Not only will you have the chance to take your rightful place on the throne, the whole venue will be decorated like your favorite HBO shows to create the right Halloween vibes. Just a casual step up from your average night at Chuck’s…

Design by Cori Rosen

Your ticket into the party? Flash the bouncers the HBO Now App on your iPhone and you’re good to go AKA free cover. Plus, the first 25 people in line will receive a Google Chromecast, which makes watching HBO Now on your TV even easier.

HBO Now is the new streaming service that allows subscribers to instantly tune in to all of HBO on a variety of devices, from addictive series, unforgettable movies and thought-provoking documentaries to thrilling sports programs and entertaining comedy and music specials. All they need is the internet.


The HBO Now Halloween Party at Chuck’s is from 9pm until 2am, so throw on your best Dire wolf costume and tag your pics from the party with #HBONowCuse! For more information on the Halloween party, visit the Facebook event for details. Just make sure to wear a jacket, because as an old friend once put it: Winter is Coming– is “the North” really just a code word for “Syracuse?” #QuestionsIAskMyself


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