release date: August 16, 2011

By Kelly Peters

Top Track: “Yoshi’s Dinosaur Egg Hunt”
Bottom Track: “Fossils”
4 Nancies

Chicxulub is far from your everyday techno rave album. Not only does Mochipet offer listeners intricate synthesized beats, they’ve composed a strict narrative as well. Chicxulub is the soundtrack for an animated novel about dinosaurs. Fuck. Yes. Throughout the album’s eight tracks, a comet crashes to Earth, the accompanying disaster ensues, and recovery follows. High-pitched instrumentals rising above low synthesizer tones in “Dinosaur Anthems” perfectly convey cataclysmic anxiety, while the slowly turning rhythms in “I Really Don’t Think We Are Ok” puts you directly in the shoes of a fearful fossil. And for lack of a better pun, I dig it.

The Editors

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