For the Syracuse Community Choir, "diversity" is more than a PR buzzword. It is the core value that resonates within each singer. By Nina Elias A man carefully enters the May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society Church and makes his way to the

By Andy Johnstone Pratt's Place is no ordinary building. Its orange walls and baby-blue pinstripes glow against a backdrop of snow and gray sky. A 5-foot, brightly colored “American Gothic”-style portrait of building owners Anne and Skip Pratt hangs on one wall.

Pube grooming in the LGBT community By Caitlin Dewey To this day, Daniel Smith* can’t decide which was worse: the excruciating pain of burning off all his body hair, or the humiliation of going to school the next day. Smith, then a senior

The screech and thump of Lady GaGa. The testosterone-heavy air. The animalistic stench. The male grunts. The female chat¬tering. Everything in Archbold Gymnasium screams carnal. It’s a jungle of college mating rituals — even better for a field study than

The mysterious disappearance of female pubic hair By Jennifer Beth Williams With a flick of her wrist, Jennifer Eiffe yanks out chunks of pubic hair. Over and over, day after day, session after session, Eiffe makes a living as a waxer at