Dear President-elect Obama, I know I should offer you congratulations on your election victory. You essentially had a landslide victory of Reagan ’84 and Johnson ’64 proportions. Though you won’t have a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate majority, at least SNL alum

When I picked up a copy of Jerk’s October issue, the article by Renee Orenstein, “When Fashion Falters,” immediately caught my attention. Orenstein questioned the popularity of the keffiyah scarf: a checkered, fashion must-have associated with the Middle East.

At 6 a.m. on a Saturday, I hear a whining noise coming from my bedroom floor. I clamp a pillow over my head. The whining turns to growling. Then I feel a tug on my comforter accompanied by a ripping

The only thing that comes close to the pleasure of having sex is hearing about the sex everyone else is having. And who better to divulge their dirtiest, naughtiest, most sexual scandals than the rich and famous?

By day, Jennifer Moravasik, 33, is a graphic designer for Seaboard Graphics in Liverpool, N.Y., but by night and weekend, she goes by Lady Desiderata Drake – “Desi Duck” for short – and is dedicated to being a pirate.