If Frats are Playing Music Outside, It’s Time to Barbecue

Nothing says “let’s celebrate the warm weather” like cooking meat over an open flame.

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By Christina Sterbenz

Personally, all I’ve wanted to do for the past six months has been to crawl under the covers and stay there. Calling this winter “brutal” would be a vast understatement. So, in honor of the disappearance of Uggs and North Face from the Quad (and in honor of Monday’s 85-degree weather), it’s time to celebrate. And nothing says celebration like cooking meat over an open flame.

You heard right: it’s barbecue time. Whether you want to procrastinate or just enjoy the sunshine, here are some tips on BBQ-ing all day, errday.

1. Splurge for some high-quality meat and marinate at least 24 hours in advance. Consider preparing some grilled veggies, tofu, or these tasty zucchini burgers for the vegetarians attending your little shindig.

2. Clean your grill. Nothing ruins a bomb burger like that nasty, caked-on residue taste.

3. Provide ample seating for everyone. Approximately 80% of people are unable to stand for long periods of time. So get creative: bring your couches and chairs outside, but also look for makeshift furniture. We suggest packing a box with books, turning it upside-down, and throwing a blanket or tablecloth over the top. Voila, you’ve got a bench.

4. People love outdoor party games like bocce and cornhole. Visit Dick’s Sporting Goods for bocce sets of all prices. And yeah, we figured you might not know all the rules. Click here for cornhole deets, and click here for bocce ones.

5. Mix a sick summertime playlist. It’s hard to be the deejay and the grill-master at the same time, but your guests will enjoy the variety. I recommend lots of Jimmy Buffett – might as well start wasting away in your own Margaritaville.

Even if you’re a newbie to the BBQ scene, you can throw the best party of spring semester. People say that 90% of accomplishing something lies with your attitude, but I’d say it’s in the meat.

3 Comments on If Frats are Playing Music Outside, It’s Time to Barbecue

  1. It better not be raining this weekend, because a BBQ is calling my name!

  2. yay loved the little side note for people to provide for their veggie friends :) makes me happy!

  3. This rain has got to GO.

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