It’s that point in the semester when every frat and bar has killed all good pop songs. Beat drops have become stale and meeting in the middle is just not as exciting anymore. Your pregame playlist has turned into a robotic routine, and not even shuffle can fix fit. You’re stuck in a music dry spell. How would you feel if there were a secret realm of hype music you’re missing out on… because there is.   

The genre of show tunes or Broadway songs is sorely overlooked. The pure talent and creativity that goes into the creation of this music puts even Ed Sheeran’s lyrics to shame. Recently, Broadway culture has become more mainstream thanks to catchy, upbeat songs in popular musicals like Hamilton or Dear Evan Hanson. Lin Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt even teamed up tocreate a mash-up of two hits from their respective musicals in support of the March for Our Lives.   

Now that you’re as excited about Broadway as we are, here is a perfectly curated playlist of the best show tunes you can pregame to. Get ready, because you’re about to turn your basic pregame into a show-stopping performance.   

Emmy Gnat
Emmy Gnat is a sophomore magazine major in Newhouse. She has an odd obsession with her dog Sophie, who probably has a cooler life story than any of you, feel free to inquire or check her Instagram (@minigoldensophie). Emmy faces the daily struggle of being obsessed with ice cream but also lactose intolerant - the battle is never ending. If you ever need a heart surgeon, she’s also certified in 14 seasons of Greys Anatomy.

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