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Sunday, July 17| If you haven’t ditched regular textbooks already, now is the time to do so. is featuring Kindle textbook rentals offered at discounted rates. Some are as much as 80 percent off. Say goodbye to back problems and those awful sell back prices.

In Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport, one Colorado women grabbed a TSA agent’s boob during an examination. I guess she never learned look but do not touch.

Monday, July 18| Deja vu: BP has had another oil spill. This time it occurred in the seas of Alaska. Let’s hope that these spills don’t continue, or soon we might be bathing in oily water.

Don’t try to sell your child at Kimmel for a Crunch Wrap Supreme or you will end up arrested just like this Washington woman. Asking for $500, she offered her 3-day-old son to a stranger outside a Taco Bell.

Tuesday, July 19| The U.S. Department of Health heard a recommendation Tuesday that all health insurance companies must offer free birth control. Hello women’s rights, Goodbye unwanted pregnancies.

BUI does not only apply to biking anymore. An Amish boy in New York was arrested for buggying while under the influence.

Wednesday, July 20| Ashton Kutcher premiered in his first promo for “Two and a Half Men.” Along side his co-stars, Kutcher was baring all. #winning

If you couldn’t figure this out already, a new study revealed that in the scheme of things, a birth control prescription would be cheaper than having a baby. Shocker.

Thursday, July 21| Justin Bieber announced he will be taking a month off. We wonder if he realizes that the teeny boppers will still obsessively follow him around.

Exciting news for equality: Rod and Ricky from Avenue Q were one of the first NY gay couples to marry, making it official with a beautiful matinee wedding on Broadway. Read their statement here.

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