Survive Winter Without Losing Your Social Life

There’s no excuse to stay in on frigid Friday nights if you follow these do’s and don’ts.

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By Victoria Troxler

As the weather changes and turns Syracuse into a real hell-hole, it makes certain activities incredibly daunting. For instance, class just doesn’t seem that appealing when it’s cold and rainy. In fact, I’m writing this mid-skip of my class. The cold mist outside is, quite frankly, a little intimidating. Forget the gym, it’s fucking freezing. But are you really going to give up binge drinking? Hell no! We have a reputation to live up to as the number 12 party school in the nation. Don’t let the cold weather frighten you. Simply follow my dos and don’ts and you’ll be warm and drunk all winter.

DO dress for the weather. You may not look too sexy, but jackets are completely necessary when it’s snowing or raining. Pile on the layers and simply shed your cozy cocoon once you arrive at your destination. Girls, don’t wear heels when it’s snowing. They are not ice picks.

DON’T leave your coat unattended. I’m sure you all know at least one friend who’s had their coat snagged at Chuck’s; don’t be next. If you see a pile of 90 jackets, ignore the urge to join the pack. Hold onto your coat, or find a very creative place to hide it. With that being said, if you’re shitfaced, send yourself a text to remind yourself where you hid it.

DON’T pass out outside. When it’s negative 10 degrees, you will die. Though benches may look like a comfy futon when you’re blacked out, it’s in your best interest to make it to some sort of shelter.

DON’T drink more to keep yourself warm. First off, it doesn’t work. Secondly, you’ll land yourself in a world of shit with the university. Feel free to drink enough for one protective “drunk blanket,” but don’t drink enough for 10 of them.

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