The Week: What You Missed

Urban Outfitters might get sued, Apple came out with iOS 5, and tanning beds are soon to become illegal in one state. Read here to find out what you missed this week.

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Sunday, October 9| Most people get brand new cars for their Sweet 16, but this week, one girl got the car she was born in. Sentimental gifts are great but we can all agree that we would never want the sheets from the bed our mother gave birth on.

Yiddish signs have appeared in Brooklyn stating “Precious Jewish daughters, please move over to the side when you see a man come across.” Hung around the holidays to encourage women to let men pass in order to get to synagogue, these signs have been taken down by city officials.

Monday, October 10| For the first time since 1980, the Detroit Lions are celebrating an undefeated season thus far. If they keep up on this streak they will be 5-0, a record that has not happened since Eisenhower.

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that will ban girls under 18 from using tanning beds. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of girls in Syracuse mysteriously tan in the dead of winter.

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Tuesday, October 11| Urban Outfitters faces a huge legal issue with their new “Navajo” prints and line. Read a Native American woman’s well-argued letter of complaint here.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts the organization has introduced a new and improved list of badges young girls can earn. Let’s be honest here, as long as they still have those cookies we are all happy.

Wednesday, October 12| Apple released a free software update for its products, iOS 5. While it was time for a change, it’s like a Facebook change and people are just as confused with the new features.

A study in Canada determined that people with healthier diets that include more fruits and veggies were at a lower risk for heart disease. Shocker.

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Thursday, October 13| Girls before you put on that skirt this weekend, if we can even call it that, you should know a new study released information stating that the skimpier your clothing is the more fragile and weak a man thinks you are. So cover up and stay a little warmer in the Syracuse chill.

Some good news, another study released 8 out of ten teenage boys are using condoms when having sex. Remember: no glove, no love.

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  1. *Hebrew, not yiddish!

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